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Nick Boddington doesn’t teach sales and marketing because he read a few books, he builds businesses, makes mistakes, creates success, and then teaches you how he did it.

He has spent the last 17 years in sales, but says that he learnt the best techniques in the last 2 years.

Nick runs MIB Business Data, a leading supplier in UK Business Prospect Lists. Over the last 3 years Nick has grown the company by an average of 35% year on year and continues to grow at this rate using the sales and marketing techniques that he talks about in his videos, podcasts and articles.

Nick also currently hosts The Formula, a way of providing as much value as possible to sales execs, sales managers and directors and large corps, entrepreneurs and start-ups by giving his proven sales and marketing tips and techniques based around building a successful, million pound company. The show is available as videos on Youtube, Linkedin, Facebook, as well as a podcast on iTunes.


Nick was born in Burton on Trent, United Kingdom.

As a young child, he began his entrepreneurial career operating a homemade jam stand, from the end of road, utilising the fact that there was a busy tube factory only half a mile away which created large amount of worker traffic at the end of a day.

In his early teens, Nick used his family contacts around the area he lived by using his family name to get in gardening jobs at weekends and school holidays. Nick say’s, “I wasn’t afraid of work. In fact it’s the hard work that keeps me going”.

It wasn’t until he turned 30 that he decided to re ignite the entrepreneur inside.

“I’m not going to pretend that I’m one of these entrepreneurs that started a business at 16 and was a multi millionaire by 20! I went travelling, partied and had a great early 20’s.

I got married at 25 and had our first child, followed by our 2nd when I was 29. My decision to start a business was that I wanted the lifestyle of the wealthy and being able to provide my children with the best education I could pay for.”

“I’m now 38, and I’m providing the education for my children and a great lifestyle. But there is still much more to gain!!”

Discover The Formula

Welcome to the The Formula X+Y+Z where I help you close more sales. Your host Nick Boddington has 17 years in sales working for and with some the greatest sales and marketing companies in the UK. Over the last 6 years Nick has grown his own company MIB Business Data which supplies prospect list for sales and marketing purposes. In each episode Nick will provide you with tips in the aim to enable you to sell more and more of your products and services while reducing the frustration and confusion of sales and marketing. "I want you to finish each episode feeling like you have had a eureka moment", says Nick. "I will help you with Data buying, Prospect Lists, Cold Calling, Follow up, Closing, Marketing, Landing pages, Lead Source, to help you achieve the business success you deserve."

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